The site for finding gold, silver, and treasure on the beaches of Florida with your metal detector
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Metal Detecting Florida Beaches
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Metal Detecting Florida Beaches
Your guide to finding gold, silver, coins, and other treasures on the beaches of Florida with your metal detector.

Yes, there are treasures on the beaches of Florida, and with your metal detector and tips and techniques shown within this site, you can experience the thrill of hunting for and finding those treasures yourself.

Whether it be gold rings, modern and ancient coins, or that rare pirate treasure, you can find them on Florida beaches - but only if you are at the right beach, at the right time, with the right equipment.

On this site, we provide tips to finding more treasures on Florida beach in articles, video tutorials, and our weekly tip of the week.

We invite you to join us in the great Florida Beaches treasure adventures!

Metal Detecting Florida Beaches - The DVDMetal Detecting Florida Beaches - The DVD
If you want to find treasures on Florida beaches, this DVD is a 'must have'.

You'll learn which are the best beaches to hunt, the equipment you'll need, the best times of the year to hunt, the best times of day to hunt, even specific locations on well known beaches to hunt! Plus much, much, more!

If you are thinking about treasure hunting on Florida beachecs, you'll want to see this DVD first! . . .
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More treasures found on Florida's Treasure Coast
A gold-rimmed portrait necklace, several gold and silver coins and numerous artifacts from a 1715 Spanish fleet were discovered in about 10 feet of water June 19 just off Indian River Shores in Indian River County . . . keep reading

Choosing a Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting on the Beach
This short video clip shows why choosing the right sand scoop when beach detecting can make a huge difference in what you find and how you feel at the end of a long day working with your metal detector . . . keep reading

Crowds on the beach equals good detecting
This short video shows why it pays to check out the beaches you plan on detecting to see if there are events or activities that will create target rich areas . . . keep reading

A short video showing how I prepare for the hunt
This is a short video showing how I suit up for a day of beach hunting in south Florida in the winter . . . keep reading

TreasureNet - The best free discussion forum for beach hunting
If you are looking for a active discussion forum about beach and shallow water metal detecting, you'll want to bookmark the one mentioned in this article . . . keep reading

The thrill of finding Spanish treasure!
After a long days hunt with little to show for it, I was ready to pack it in. But then, just a few steps away from the ramp leading off the beach, I got a strong signal from my detector. What I found still amazes me . . . . . . keep reading